Benefits Of a Car Hire For PCO Drivers

PCO, private carriage officer, is a license required by all transport supply companies. Whether you own a car rental company and want to add to your fleet, you are a freelance driver that has opened a solo car rental company or you are a courier service, you need to have your vehicles PCO licensed to run legally in the city centre.

The requirements by the private carriage officer is that the vehicle is under ten years of age and that it meets very strict emission standards. In fact, a large majority of PCO drivers are choosing hybrid vehicles, so that they can keep their costs down, cut their carbon footprint and meet PCO requirements moving forward.

There are so many benefits to hiring a car for PCO drivers over buying and the first benefit is that you get to enjoy a younger vehicle. By reducing maintenance, you are able to put more money in your pocket each and every day. Looking at the amount of time you spend in your vehicle transporting clients, an older vehicle would struggle and over time could cost you considerably. Because vehicles are not allowed to be older than ten years of age when it comes to PCO registration, you get to enjoy a young model that you know you can rely on and trust.

When you hire a car, even when you consider a car hire for PCO drivers, you will find that there are no maintenance costs. The rental you pay each month usually includes servicing and repair, which means you get a well-maintained vehicle that you know you can rely on daily at a price you can afford. Of course saving yourself on maintenance costs, increases your profit margins considerably.

A major benefit to anyone who spends most of their time in their vehicle is that there are no MOT or licensing costs you need to concern yourself about. The rental specialist company handles all of this for you to make sure you have a legal vehicle you can drive on the roads with complete confidence day after day knowing you are within your legal requirement and that you have the tools you need to build up an excellent car hire service.

Most of the car rental companies that offer vehicles for PCO drivers have their own team of mechanics who work at the centres to make sure the fastest repair and service times. In most instances while the vehicle undergoes repairs you are issued with a temporary vehicle. Of course the benefit to this is that you don’t have to put your vehicle on hold while repairs are being carried out. This way you don’t let customers down and you make sure your business remains working at all times.

As your vehicle starts to age, you can upgrade by staying with the same company and simply changing your rental agreement. This way you are guaranteed to always have the best quality and latest models which enable you to give your clients with a reliable service daily.

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Reasons to Choose a Bus Rental Service

Travelling is something that is best enjoyed when the journey is stress free. This can be a major hurdle if a large number of people have to travel. Travelling long distance with a group of people; whether family or friends can pose a lot of problems and can take away all the fun of travelling. Hiring a rental service in such a case can be a very practical and convenient option. There are a number of reasons why one should go for a bus rental service when planning any sort of a trip with a large group of people:

1) Comfort: We all like to travel comfortably without having to stuff ourselves in a cramped space. It is simply disastrous to force people in a congested space and then drive miles that way. This sort of a journey which would be uncomfortable, least not to say a tad bit torturous, can be avoided by going for a rental bus that would provide ample space to those travelling.

2) Trained Drivers: Lets face it, driving while undertaking long journeys or trips can be a very tiresome task. All tour bus rentals provide well trained drivers that are well versed with the routes and road safety measures. Having a professional driver ensures that everyone can enjoy the journey without worrying about driving the vehicle.

3) Stay entertained: Travelling together in a rental bus can be lot of fun. Many if not all rental buses have music systems and other form of onboard entertainment to keep the travelers entertained. It is a great way to spend time while travelling long distances. Also it gives everyone a chance to take in the beautiful view that surrounds them during the travel. They can kick back, stretch out and relax all through the way.

4) Economical and Easy: Going for a rental bus service provider rather than taking a couple of cars is undoubtedly far cheaper and convenient. You save on the endless amount splurged on the fuel and maintenance of the vehicles. Also travelling in different vehicles and constantly coordinating between those cars and their respective drivers can get really difficult; it is far easier to go for a single large vehicle driven by a hired driver.

5) Luggage Space: Travelling requires luggage and going on a trip with a large group of people requires a lot of luggage. It is not possible to adjust a group of people and their endless bags into a small car. Rental buses on the other hand come with an ample amount of luggage space.

So, make the practical choice and enjoy an easy and stress free journey by choosing to travel with a bus rental service.

Simple Guide to Renting a Car From an Airport

Do’s and Don’ts of booking:

• Book in advance, at very minimum 24 hours.

• Book straight through a rental companies’ website. The amount saved by booking through a third-party website (Hotwire, Orbitz, Priceline, etcetera..) is not worth the head ache it will create if anything goes wrong while traveling, such as being rerouted, delayed, or canceled flights.

• Pre-pay when you can to save money, but make sure your travel plans are Iron-Clad. No one expects to be delayed or rerouted, however things happens when traveling. Pre-paying makes it very difficult if not impossible to rearrange your rental.

• Book appropriately, if you have 5 large guys, don’t book an Economy Vehicle, you are subject to getting a Toyota Yaris, Chevy Spark, or a Mitsubishi Mirage and you are not guaranteed 4 doors.

• If you plan on upgrading to something nice, book a full size car. The upgrade would be significantly less than if you booked a compact, even though the price difference may be as little as a $10 a day online for booking a full-sized vehicle to a compact.

What to expect at the counter:

• Be patient – you could be flying into Los Angeles International, or LaGuardia airport in New York. There will most likely be a wait, and the associates are moving as fast as they can. Renting a car is a process, and you are agreeing to terms and conditions of a legal binding contract. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time, you want them to be thorough because at the end of the day, it is your money and ultimately your responsibility.

• Questions – The associates are going to ask you questions, they are all broad and open-ended questions. This process is called qualifying the customer. This is just to ensure you are getting the best deal and vehicle for your needs. You as the customer want to ask your questions here.

Rental Process:

• Have your Credit Card/Debit Card ready and available. Keep in mind not all companies accept debit cards without certain criteria and you are subject to a soft credit check. Drivers licenses must match the name on the form of payment. Forms of payment must be attached to a bank account. Prepaid cards are not accepted as the initial form of payment for the vehicle.

• There will be almost always be some sort of deposit. The amount of the deposit can vary by who you are renting from and what type of vehicle you are renting.

• Note any and all damage on your vehicle. Take pictures on your phone, and let an employee know, often times they will offer to do a Pre-Rental Inspection Form.

• You are given the option to Pre-Pay your fuel, this is more of a convenience for the customer. If you plan on using a full tank and the gas outside is 4 cents’ lower per gallon, unless you are a penny-pincher, prepay it. $0.04 X 16 gallons comes out to $0.64. Much worth the convenience of not having to worry about finding a gas station, missing your flight, or your bags not making the flight.

Why you should cover your vehicle:

• No matter whose fault any accident may be, you are responsible for the car and it’s a contractual agreement. Therefore, you are paying for any damage that may have occurred to the vehicle. Another cost that you will be responsible for is depreciation.

• Do not purchase third-party coverages offered by Allianz or similar, these are reimbursement programs, you would still file with your insurance, pay your deductible and whatever is left, they would either choose to pick up or deny your claim.

• Rental car companies charge loss of use for down time of a vehicle while its being repaired.

• Your insurance would only cover up to the value of your own vehicle on the policy, if they cover at all. Keep in mind your deductible, and premiums. Insurance companies also do not ever cover loss of use, or depreciation of the vehicle, which will fall back on the customer.

• Credit cards generally have deductibles, and act as a secondary coverage. Your personal car insurance would still step in originally.

The do’s and don’t’s of booking, what to expect at the counter, the rental process itself, and why covering your vehicle is in your best interest.